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Alexandra Archibald of Petite Tenue Vintage

So you’re walking along Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg on a sunny Saturday afternoon. You’re in high spirits save for your poor eyes which are feeling sore from the barrage of corporate shops assaulting your line of vision. Then, before long you see a parked air stream trailer that looks like a life sized silver bullet. It is filled with cute vintage finds and there’s a girl hanging in and outside the trailer who looks like she stepped straight out of Swinging London or Laurel Canyon in the 60’s… Don’t worry you’re not having a mushroom flashback; it’s Alexandra Archibald’s vintage shop on wheels, Petite Tenue.

Gone Cat: How did you come up with the idea to open a vintage shop on wheels?
Alexandra Archibald: The idea came to me when I was on a month long solo road trip. I was doing a bit of soul searching after a rough break up and realized I felt like the best version of myself when I was on the road. I was doing a ton of vintage shopping and was finding amazing things that wouldn’t necessarily work for me but I knew someone would love, so the mobile shop became kind of a way to incorporate all of these breakthroughs!

GC: What are some of your favorite vintage articles that you have for sale at the moment?
AA: I have some amazing 60’s cocktail dresses and 70’s bell bottom jeans in the shop waiting for their new home!

GC: If you could dress anyone in the world past/present fictional or non fictional who would you choose?
AA: Brigitte Bardot in the 60’s.

GC: If you could jump in a time machine and live in any era for a month, which era would you choose?
AA: The 1960s in Paris!

GC: Dinner Party: Choose any 3 people (whom you’ve never met) in the world (can be real/fictional/dead or alive):
AA: It would be the blondest, babeliest dinner party ever! Penny Lane, Margot Tenenbaum, Barbarella.

GC: You’re also a photographer. What kind of camera do you use?
AA: I use a 1940s Graflex 35mm and also a Nikon 35mm point and shoot. I love to shoot an occasional Polaroid, as well, on my Polaroid Sun600.

GC: What’s on the agenda for Petite Tenue in the coming months?
AA: I just wrapped filming an episode of Tiny House Hunters for HGTV, which will air in early 2017 and planning to head to the Southwest in January to get out of the New York winter! I’ll also continue doing pop up shops and adding treasures to my online store and blog at

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  1. Jack gromacki

    I think more people should be like Alexandra. I met her in South Jersey while she was gassing up and she told me what she does. Immediately I booked my first road trip in years. She is inspirational.


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