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Art Talk: Jessie Dib

Jessie Dib is a Venezuelan born/Brooklyn based jewelry and clothing designer.  She co-founded clothing brand & record label RA+RE (along with partners Clara Rohmer and Claire Abitbol) which brings together fashion with all vinyl electronic music and she is also the designer behind her eponymous geometric influenced jewelry line.

The Gone Cat: Who are your three favorite artists of all time?
Jessie Dib: It’s so hard to pick just three. There are so many that I love and inspire me in so many different ways. But since I am in a patriotic mood I am going to go with: Jesús Rafael Soto, Rafael Barrios and Carlos Cruz-Diez all three are extremely talented Venezuelan artist that inspire me.

GC: A recent art exhibit you’ve seen that really impressed you and why?
JD: The last exhibition I saw was the Jewel Splendor of the Art Deco era, at the Cooper Hewitt. I must say though I was impressed with the technology of the museum itself more than the current exhibitions. The way you can record and capture the things you are seeing and like, on a digital pen, that along with the code of your tickets allows online access to all the information gathered, blew my mind. I am used to the writing it down on paper or taking a picture of the artist name but this method is just fantastic. As for an exhibition that really impressed me “Savage Beauty” the Alexander McQueen at the MET. It left me speechless.

GC: What is your favorite museum or art gallery anywhere in the world:
JD: I am obsessed with the Guggenheim in NY, the architecture of the building really plays an important part in the experience of the walkthrough. I also really enjoy going to the Frick to think, admire and be surrounded by such historical art. As for galleries I go all over New York. I love taking a day to just explore you can truly find some gems if you explore and dig deep in the right areas but they are everywhere.

GC: What’s your favorite art movement of the past 100 years?
JD: I can’t say I have a favorite but the ones that inspire my style the most are Art Deco, Suprematism and Minimalism.

GC: If you could choose any 3 artists living/past to have a dinner party with, whom would you choose?
JD: I would love to have dinner with Frank Lloyd wright and David Adjaye and party with Salvador Dali.

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