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Art Talk: Judith Fedo

The Gone Cat: Who are your top 3 favorite artists of all time?
Judith Fedo: Caravaggio, Frida Kahlo & Salvador Dali,

GC: Tell us about a recent art exhibit you’ve seen that really impressed you and why?
JF: The Museum Ludwig, in Köln, carries a collection of Lichtenstein and other great pop art, and I was surprised to find some Picasso there with his sketchbook drawings, it was a nice display of his process in creating some works, to see the unseen sketches or “thoughts” that were in his mind at the time, left an impression on me, (as did the architecture of the museum!)

GC: What is your favorite museum or art gallery?
JF: There are so many more museums I must visit, I couldn’t pick a favorite yet…The Getty and MoMA are a lot of fun, I can get lost in the MET and they all have a lot of amazing exhibitions and collections.

GC: What’s your favorite art movement of the past 100 years?
JF: Surrealism, it always has this effect on me, what I get out of viewing it in a way, is the exploration of my own subconscious.. its intriguing, like peeking in on someones dreams, I could view the same Dali piece, everyday and catch something I hadn’t noticed before years later.

GC: If you could choose any 3 artists living/past to have a dinner party with, whom would you choose?
JF: Can they be musical artists as well? What is a dinner party without music?
I would invite Alexander McQueen, Frida Kahlo and Marc Bolan. If Marc’s not available I’d call Banksy.


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