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Beauty Spotlight: Boscia

Boscia Sake Balm:
The name is cute with it’s double meaning, like a “sake bomb”, but this moisturizer actually has ingredients found in sake inside of it. One of the first things I loved about it when I first opened it up was the bouncy gel texture. When you stick a finger in it to grab some product for your face, it bounces back to a flat surface within a minute. I tested it out by using it alone (after cleansing) in my night time beauty ritual for a few nights in a row. For every night that I used it, I woke up with glowing skin. After a few nights, I used nothing in my ritual (other than cleansing) and I could really see a difference and my skin looked parched. This balm is addictive, I use it all the time now -morning and night.


Boscia Luminizing Mask:
There’s a reason why this mask is one of Boscia’s bestsellers.  Although I have a bevy of face masks that I love to use, I don’t think you can have too many especially when each one targets a different concern. Right now I’m in love with Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask. When I tried it on for the first time, I hid around a corner knowing my boyfriend was about to walk by and jumped out to attempt to scare him with my shiny coal miner’s looking face. He jumped a little but wasn’t too rattled, I digress. The peel off mask comes off so smoothly unlike some masks that break apart easily. This luminizing mask is called that for a good reason, it really makes my skin glow and minimizes my pores. The only thing I recommend is not using it every day so that your skin doesn’t become indifferent to it. A few times a week should more than suffice.



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