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Brooklyn Farmacy – Carroll Gardens

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain is housed in a 1920s apothecary store in Carroll Gardens. Once a thriving neighborhood pharmacy, the corner storefront had shut down for more than thirteen years. While externally 513 Henry was an eyesore, the interior was frozen in time, filled from top to bottom with drugstore ephemera and original architectural detail. Today, the corner store is a thriving soda fountain.

Make sure to stop in and try a classic egg cream. The grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup dip is delicious and you can’t leave the Farmacy without indulging in one of their classic sundaes.  I asked the owner, Gia a few questions about the Farmacy..

The Gone Cat: If you could throw a fun dinner party at the Farmacy with three, 20th century historic figures of your choice attending.. who would you choose?
Brooklyn Farmacy:
Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holliday. We listen to these three singers every day at the soda fountain. What a fantasy to have them walk in and play live!

The Gone Cat: What are some of your favorite things about Brooklyn: 
Brookyn Farmacy: We love the pride that people have about being born and raised in Brooklyn. We love the neighborhood feeling we have in Carroll Gardens. It’s a bit like sesame Street here – with the butcher, the baker, and the…well, not the candle stick maker, but  you get the picture!
The Gone Cat: What is the signature dish (can be a drink, dessert or anything) at Farmacy?
Brooklyn Farmacy: Our signature is the New York Egg Cream. If you haven’t tried one, you are in for a treat.

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