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Delina – Parfums de Marly

It’s 1770 and I’m a guest at the Palace de Versailles as Louis XV is nearing the end of his reign as King of France. There are so many ways for all of my senses to be aroused around the palace. Music is coming from one of the halls -it’s a young Mozart who has brought two sonatas which he dedicated to the King’s daughter, Madame Victoire. I wander into a room filled with clocks and precision instruments as the King’s geographers work closely with astronomers to map out France in detail. I can hear the sound of horses off in the near distance, as this is home to the most beautiful pure bred stallions in all of Europe. There is a scent coming from the “la cour parfumée”, renowned for the refinement and intensity of its fragrances. It’s love at first smell as I detect hints of Turkish rose, lily of the valley, and peony with lychee, rhubarb and bergamot accents. I am called to a dinner which will feature all kinds of gastronomic delights…

But I’m knocked back into modern day reality by my friend who is on a trip with me to Versailles. It turns out I was daydreaming as I drifted off while hanging out in the Orangery garden. We can’t time travel and live in different eras but we can still use our senses to imagine extraordinary ways of life. That’s what Perfums de Marly set out to do. Their fragrances are all based on the era and loves of King Louis XV of France; his perfumed court and his base of thoroughbred Arabian breed mixed with the strong and tall European breed stallions. And so the brand rekindles the spirit of fragrances from the splendor of the 18th Century, when the finest perfumes were created for King Louis XV as a tribute of the prestigious horse races he so fervently admired.

I love a brand like this that tells a palpable story behind its product as opposed to certain commercial brands that use over the top ads or tactics as an attempt to lure you in to try their mediocre scents. I discovered the brand accidentally when I stopped in my tracks after spotting the gorgeous looking bottles at a fragrance counter. I sampled the smell and couldn’t believe how unique and beautiful the notes were. Scent is so powerful, and I literally felt like my mood was uplifted after sampling Delina and all of the other scents in the Parfum de Marly range.

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