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Q&A: Makeup Artist Extraordinaire Ellis Faas

Ellis Faas is one of the most influential makeup artists of our time and her work can be likened to fine art. She launched her eponymous makeup line and in the same vein as her makeup artistry, even the packaging itself is like a work of art.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background in makeup/beauty
A: Initially, I wanted to be a photographer. So I took a photography course when i was 16 and the first subject was “narcissism”. we had to make self portraits and I began changing myself with make up. I loved the instant nature of make up. the instant transformation. At the time, I didn’t even realize that makeup artistry could be a profession, but my mother noticed an ad for a makeup school in Amsterdam, so that was the first “official” education in makeup.

Q: Why did you decide to start a cosmetics range?
A: The starting point for the brand was that I wanted to create something compact, something that was ideal for women on the move – whether they are traveling, going to the office or otherwise moving about. Makeup bags traditionally are one big mess in which you can never find what you need, so I created something that organizes it but still gives the 100% flexibility of which products someone wants to carry at a specific moment, and which products are left at home. Practically all products come in similarly shaped pens that can be fitted into a Holder that has room for a total of 8 products (including foundation and powder).
For smaller trips, such as a visit to a restaurant or discotheque, we also have Clips which you can connect as few or as many products as you like to bring along. All other characteristics of the brand aim at making the makeup side of life easier: colors that suit any skin tone (so the one you pick is merely a matter of choice), ease of application, and very long wearing textures.

ellisfaas_sureshotlip_400x600Q: If you could do the makeup for any one past/present fictional or real -who would you choose?
A: Snow White’s wicked stepmother. Her makeup is iconic.

Q: If you could have a dinner party with anyone who would you choose past/present?
A: Mario Testino and Peter Lindbergh – two of my favorite photographers I had the joy of working with; and Nelson Mandela, one of the most inspirational people in history.

Q: What are a few of your favorite products from the Ellis Faas range?
A: Difficult question, because we only bring out newness if there is something that I’m behind 300%, so I love each and every product. But our skin veil foundation is magical, because it truly becomes one with the skin. I think our mascara is the best on the market. but if there is one texture I am particularly proud of, that would be creamy eyes: not the easiest texture to sell (because people are still not used to liquid eyeshadow), but it is such a gorgeous product that after application gives you enough playtime to get it right, then it stays on until you take it off with a cleanser, and it doesn’t crease.

Q: If you were to morph into one of your products, which product would you choose to be and why?
A: A lipstick, because then I would not never be thirsty.

ellisfaas_may16_400x600Q: Do you think trends are moving towards a more heavier made up look or more paired down (less makeup):
A: I’m not interested in trends, refuse to recognize them because thinking about trends blocks individuality. It is not easy, but we always urge our customers to look at themselves and not at trends or advice from whomever thinks he or she is an “expert”. No one knows a face better than the person whose face it is.

Q: What’s your favorite era in history makeup and beauty wise and why?
A: I guess the twenties with the round black eyes and the drama

Q: What is your favorite city and favorite recommendation in that city?
A: My favourite city is Paris, because it is so beautiful – whether the sun is shining, or it’s raining, or snowing, or misty… Always beautiful and always romantic. And my recommendation would be to visit Rue Montorgueil, mainly for the best greengrocers in the world and for the most delicious croissants made by Stohrer.


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