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Interview: Photographer & Filmmaker Robert Malmberg

Interview with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Robert Malmberg whose work is part of the permanent collection at The Quin Hotel in NYC

The Gone Cat: What are some things that inspire your work?
Robert Malmberg: I’m very inspired by all the different alternative photography processes that are available. I love the idea of making beautiful images from a crappy camera, or a contraption I invent in my studio. There are endless ways to play and experiment! It allows me to stay connected to the childish part of my brain. I’m also inspired by everyday people: riding on the subway or exploring a new hood. I love shooting portraits, wether in the studio or in the streets. NYC always keeps the wheels turning – it really is (in my opinion) the mecca for art and photography.

GC: What are some upcoming projects?
RM: Recently, I shot a creative project for a design client in Costa Rica using expired Kodak 120 film. I’m editing and printing those photographs now, which has been a process in itself. The results were very colorful with some welcomed imperfections and “light leaks”.

GC: Tell us about a recent art or photo exhibit you’ve seen that really impressed you and why?
RM: There is so much great stuff happening right now around the city – it’s hard to choose! BUT, I recently saw the Francis Picabia exhibition ‘Our Heads are Round so Our Thoughts Can Change’ at the MoMA. It was unreal! The scope of his work alone is mind-blowing, and to see him completely reinvent himself every few years along the timeline is incredible. His layering techniques and raw ability for abstraction are unparalleled. Truly a must-see for anyone.

What is your favorite museum or art gallery (can be anywhere) and why?
There’s this quirky gallery space in New Orleans that I stumbled upon years back called “A Gallery for Fine Photography”. It’s an unassuming historical building in the French Quarter. It’s stuffed with amazing photography from some of the greatest photographers in the world + beautiful pieces from artists unknown. And it has lots of books to look through. I could spend a whole day in there easily!

GC: What’s your favorite art movement of the past 100 years?
RM: Thats a tough one. And may be impossible to answer. But some of my favorites include: abstract expressionism, Lowbrow, and photorealism.

GC: Who are your favorite fine art photographers?
RM: To name a few: Helmut Newton, Gregory Crewdson, Roger Ballen, Irving Penn — the list goes on!!!

GC: If you could choose any 3 artists living/past to have a dinner party with, whom would you choose?
RM: Robert Rauschenberg, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Miles Davis.









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