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Korakia Pensione – Palm Springs

Voted as “one of the sexiest hotels in America” by the New York Times, it’s easy to see why this tucked away little retreat in the desert lives up to its title. Not only does Korakia Pensione live up to its prestigious title, they also work tirelessly to maintain it. The property is run with deft precision … all of the fineries and small touches one would expect in a 5 star hotel, but delivered as though you were the only person staying at the property. Services such as complimentary yoga while gazing at the San Jacinto Mountains, as well as movie nights under the stars while propped up on Moroccan pillows, in addition to complimentary breakfast serving delicious culinary delights already put the Korakia in a class of its own.

Everything about Korakia is unique…beginning with check-in, which is a casual affair to be enjoyed while being served a Moroccan mint tea and given a quick tour of the property. Korakia is divided two wings, the Moroccan wing which houses suites with names such as Casablanca, Marrakech and Tangier… each room more exquisite than the last.

Directly across a small residential street is the Mediterranean wing. Although both wings have gorgeous swimming pools, the Mediterranean one seems to have a bit more of the “it” factor. The lovely staff periodically drops by with much needed complimentary refreshments such as freshly blended mini smoothies. Any request is met with a resounding yes! such as a request for an ice bucket to chill poolside drinks… the service is attentive but not overbearing. They understand that you are there relax and for the most part to be left to your own devices, however, they somehow anticipate every need, before you’re even aware that you needed anything. This is what truly sets Korakia Pensione apart from the rest. Voted the sexiest hotel in America, but I would easily classify it as one of the best hotels in America.. bar none!

257 S Patencio Rd,
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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