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Maison 140 – Beverly Hills

Driving along Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills even in the thickest of traffic gives one a much different disposition than the three freeways that got me there. That change in attitude was a fitting transition as I drove up to the Maison 149 under the sparkling afternoon sun. As I walked into the lobby I could feel the pace of life slow down as my heart rate started to increase. Rarely will environment send a vibe that strong, so soon. We were off to a great start.

I take my time getting to my room to check out the lingering art deco couches left over from the recent renovation. The hotel was originally home to actress Lillian Gish and later converted into a home for young actresses. Los Angeles is a place where certain landmarks or hotels give off peculiar and sometimes even dark vibes. I can say that from the moment I walked into Maison 140 I felt nothing but positive and comforting vibes.

When I opened the door to my room one thing that struck me was the no-frills yet handsome feel to the decor. The dark colors stood apart from any other hotel I’ve visited. Did someone say bar? Maison 140 a has a very cool bar adjacent to the reception lobby. The elixir to this swelling heart affair would be their complimentary sparkling wine on offer upon arrival. An important thing to mention about this hotel is the excellent location. It is right in the center of Beverly Hills -easily accessible to anywhere in Los Angeles via Wilshire Boulevard or Santa Monica Boulevard but even better the location offers the ability to walk to Rodeo Drive, Beverly Drive and all of the boutiques, department stores and restaurants your heart desires within minutes.

In an age where hotels strive to provide a unique experience Maison 140 exposes them all as coming from the same corporate planning and thinking. This hotel preserved an old character and added layers of new charm that were contemporary yet complimentary of its location’s surroundings.

140 S Lasky Dr,
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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