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Palihouse – West Hollywood

I’ve found my new favorite hotel in Los Angeles. Palihouse is just the perfect place for me. When you get to the lobby area/cafe/restaurant, it feels like being in a cabinet de curiosités. It’s very spacious, quiet and when you look around, there are so many cool and quirky objects hanging on the wall and displayed in the space. I immediately sat on one of the huge vintage sofas where I could enjoy my tomato juice while working. I felt so good. And during the week-end that part of the residence becomes one of the most popular night hang-out in town, where sorry to disappoint you you won’t encounter any typical ‘Californian babe’ but more likely a tasteful creative crowd. So after partying intensively inside the bar and as well in the back yard. I just had to take the elevator to finish the night in my suite. Am I allowed to use the expression ‘mind-blowing’ to qualify my ‘room’, I mean my enormous suite. So much space that 24 hours were not enough to appreciate every corner of that paradise. I had everything to feel at home, a completely equipped kitchen, a XXXXL plasma TV, big windows, my own terrace. Palihouse is a luxury long-stay property that celebrates the best of home and hospitality. The staff was extremely devoted and kind. Palihouse is a one-of-a-kind urban lodge that conjures up the ideal pied-a-terre I’ve always imagined. Not a boutique hotel and not a luxury residence, Palihouse offers the best of both.

-Yvan Rodic

8465 Holloway Drive,
West Hollywood
(323) 656-4100


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