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Art Talk: Pırıl Gündüz

Interview with Pırıl Gündüz artist and founder of The Hollows in Brooklyn.

The Gone Cat: Tell us about The Hollows:
Pırıl Gündüz: The Hollows is an artist residency located in a five-floor brownstone building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, operating with with live/work/exhibit motto. We have bedroom and studio spaces and we transform them into public spaces for exhibitions and performances. We have temporary and permanent artists.

GC: What did you seek to accomplish when you founded the hollows?
PG: The priority is given to works that are not necessarily regarded within art context. We try to create an outlet for ideas that are new, less rigorous and more risky. For example in September, we’ll have a four-day installation for which we will turn the bedrooms into teenage bedrooms. We collect anecdotes from women who we grew up, let’s say, pre-Instagram. ’80-89.The project is called “CD shopping”. Growing up then and from now on will never be the same. It is a visibility and demystification project. Teenage girl is one of the most naive territories of humankind for various obvious and not so obvious reasons.

GC: What are some future plans for the Hollows?
PG: At the moment we’re happy about Performance Studio and Filmhouse series. I hope in the future, we have a solid music and sound art program, not only in summer in our backyard, but also in our sound studio. Other future goals are to have an outpost in Brooklyn, a bigger but remote space and in different cities, including Istanbul.

GC: What does a typical day at The Hollows consist of?
PG: Weekends and weekdays are parallel universes. On weekdays, we’re not open to public. It is about us and the relationships among us. On the weekends, it is about our friends and visitors. With a very high tempo, some days we can have a photo shoot followed by an academic talk, followed by three performances, followed by a party, followed by a recording session in the common places. Only relevant parties know what’s going on in the bedrooms.

GC: Who are some of your favorite artists who have shown at The Hollows?
PG: Magical things have happened at The Hollows. At the moment, I am very proud of the performance studio resident artists. There is one Chinese countertenor, Juecheng Chen, who is seeking ways to relate opera to the present day. There is Ashley Robicheaux & Artists who are utilizing bedrooms on several floors for their dance theater piece “Mattress”, in which they reenact scenes from their coming of age times. Stunning, honest and sensuous and it is a perfect piece given it is taking place at a townhouse. There is Ali Perkins who is drawing from acting teaching techniques and real life for her quest in language. Theoretical and highly relevant at the same time!

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