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Stephen Parker Thevenot of Eva Scrivo Salon – NYC

I recently visited Eva Scrivo Salon in New York and had the opportunity to speak with lead stylist at the salon, Stephen Parker Thevenot.

The Gone Cat: What’s your background in hair?
Stephen Parker Thevenot: While in college studying art, I came to the realization that I no longer wanted to become an art teacher. Throughout my years in college, I had an inspiring hairdresser whom I would constantly ask questions about the craft and industry whenever I visited his salon. Eventually, he suggested that I come work for him. I became his apprentice, and after working there for a few years, I decided that I would make the big move to New York and officially enroll in beauty school.

GC: How long have you been at Eva Scrivo?
SPT: After finishing up Beauty School, I started working at Eva Scrivo as an assistant. I have been here for the past 8 years, and am currently a senior stylist and educational coordinator.

GC: One single best piece of advice you can give about hair?
SPT: The one piece of advice I would give someone who works in hair styling is to use a good heat protector whether you’re blow drying, straightening, or curling your hair to create beauty waves. Most hair styles start with the application of heat which can cause the most damage. Proper heat protection is the most important thing.

GC: If you could invite three guests at dinner party with the best hair, who would you invite?
SPT: I would of course have Dolly Parton there, with her iconic wigs and blonde bouffants, who wouldn’t want a trendsetter like her at their table. Edie Sedgwick, from her short blonde crops to her 60s middle part, defines old school cool, and yet stays modern. And finally, The Weeknd, who doesn’t love his ever changing hair? I think he would bring a different vibe to the table of what current and happening now.

GC: What’s your signature look?
SPT: I always like to create simple, effortlessly cool looks for our clients. Most are busy people, and I know not everyone has time to style her hair every single morning or come to the salon promptly every six weeks. When clients go home, I want them to feel that their hair looks just as good when they style it as when they come from the salon. I spent a lot of time perfecting my own technical skills so our clients don’t have to at home.

GC: What do you love most about being a hairstylist?
SPT: When I transitioned to cutting hair, I truly adopted scissors and a straight blade as my tools of choice, in accordance with the training I received from Eva. This allows for the greatest amount of artistic expression, while giving a client the right shape hair for their facial features and lifestyle, that effortlessly falls into place whether dried naturally or with heat styling. I like my job because I get to do what I love each day and to work in an environment where I continue to be inspired by Eva and my colleagues, while having the opportunity to mentor and impart my own knowledge on our apprentices and junior stylists. I come to work every day and create new masterpieces that help define and express clients’ own personal style, as well as my vision as an artist. I get to create art that is worn and interpreted in different ways every day.

Visit Stephen at Eva Scrivo Salon in New York City:

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  1. Gail T. Andress

    The greatest stylist I ever used and I used many . Love love love his cuts. He is definitely worth it !!!


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